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Roldan Quintanilla

Database Specialist
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Accomplished goal focused professional specialized in resource and Data Management with proven track of success.  I excel at data modernization, data migrations, data governance, develop and implement strategic plans, and administer operations solutions on the data side, some roles I played included being a DBA, Data Governance specialist, Database Architecture, Migration. ETL and Business Intelligence developer and administrator.

Committed to construct optimal data solutions with simple processes in complex scenarios with large data sets in multiple environments, offering 19 years of proven experience working with corporations worldwide, generating a positive impact to their business solutions and operations, providing an accurate analytical status of the projects.


 Having real passion and expertise in these areas makes me a strong addition to any IT team.

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My work and expertise had been used by the following companies:



Profesional  Skills



Project Management




Business Intelligent  Administration & Analytical skills


SQL Database Architecture & Development


SQL Database Administration


ETL Methodology, Development & Implementation


Data Migration

Optimism & Team Work 



Complete set of Skills

Management Skills

  • Teamwork Culture:  Collaboration and cooperation the driven with passion and harmony.

  • Cross-Cultural:  Clear communication, empathy and celebratory of our diverse cultures enrich the team.

  • Cross-Functional:  A multidisciplinary group setting with a variety of expertise who come together and archive the project goals.

  • Project Management: Agile methodology that improves planning, development, and implementation until competition of any project.

  • Big Picture thinking: Strategies direction with goals set on the organization future.

  • Problem-solving:  Strategies based in detailed algorisms, team brainstorming, root cause analysis, SWOT analysis and divide and conquer.

  • Innovative ideas:  Out of the box thinking, especially when it comes to Problem-Solving.

  • Strategic thinking:  A mix of creative and logical thinking processes.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Anticipating and planning to allow for contingencies as well as immediate and situational ways to accommodate unplanned situations.

  • Advanced analytical skills: Technical data analysis in different platforms from various sources.

  • Business Processes design documentation: Detail descriptions of processes in technical and non-technical matters depending on the operational purpose.

  • Processes design and implementation: Innovative ideas and Logical reasoning bring new processes in the table, always calculating the risk factors and the opinions of the directives.

  • People Skills: Networking and social intelligence are a key success factor.
    Time Management: Classical tools like Lists, Schedules, reminders, and routines are the key to manage my day.​


Technical Skills

  • Database Technology Specialization:   MySQL, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, Adept SQL, Access, XML, Maria DB, DB2 and DB2 for I, MS Access, AWS Redshift, SAP HANA Studio, Exasol, Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Basics of Microsoft Fabric.

  • Business Intelligence Tools:  Infrastructure Architecture implementation, Administration and Reporting Migration Lead. Specialized in Tools like:   Microsoft Power BI, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Tableau, IBM Cognos Analytics.

  • ETL & Data Harmonization Tools:  Informatica, DSP (SAP ETL tool Backoffice), SAP HANA Modeler, Rodin, Aunsight, AWS Glue, Azure Synapse, Snowflake, SSIS.

  • ERP systems:  SAP (MDM, PP, MM, SD, FICO, Pricing, QM), SAP Solman, S AP Migration tools (LSMW, BDC, Direct load) and   S/4 HANA and HANA Modeler.

  • Software and Web Development: Adobe Creative Suite, Wix Studio, VBA, VB.NET (SSDT for SSRS / SSIS), Python.




Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science Engineering                              2000 – 2004  

 Institute of Science and Higher Education of Tamaulipas   -   ICEST   - Matamoros, Mexico

  • 3.8 GPA

  • Graduated with an Honors Best Thesis Subject and Approved unanimously.

  • Thesis complementing software and database named “Horiad”, with this software I helped the university create schedules for students and teachers.   Till this day, they still use this application.


Methodology related Certifications

-   ISO 9000 (Feb 2006)

-   DPS (Delphi Problem Solving) Method's & Analysis for Solving problems (Jul 2006)

-   Error Proofing Analysis (Aug 2006)

-   PFMEA Expert (Aug 2006)

-   Lean Manufacturing Academy of Toyota (Dec 2006)

-   Project Management (Aug 2011)

-   Data Science Basics (Sep 2016)

-   Agile (Nov 2022)


-   IBM Mexico Microsoft SQL Server 2005  (Sep 2007)

-   SAP Data Services (BODS10 and BODS30) (Aug 2014)

-   SAP S/4 HANA (Mar 2015)

-   SAP HANA Modeler (Apr 2016)

-   Backoffice ETL Software DSP (Feb 2015)


Microsoft Certifications

-   Microsoft Certification in Querying Data with T-SQL (Sep 2018)  

-   Microsoft Certification Developing SQL Databases (Dec 2018)

-   Microsoft Certification MCSA SQL Administrator (Mar 2019)


-   English

-   Spanish

-   Italian

Work Eligible Status

-   Green Card holder

management aportation



Remote    |   Jan 2021   -  Current

Chief Technology Officer

April 2018   -  October 2023  |  South Bend, IN / Remote

Provided strategic IT foundation, enabling the ability to communicate and work effectively allowing important services and products to reach Foundries and Manufacturing companies around US and Europe. Increasing the company value.

•    Established all IT infrastructure from ground zero.
•    Created corporate image and website.
•    Set Office 365 set of tools and corporate email for employees.
•    Establishing a network, data storage, accounting software
•    Create projects improvement that optimized interactions with the end customer requests. 
•    Power BI Reporting and Ticketing System Implementations.
•    Evolved IT infrastructure with minimum cost and elevated quality of customer service. 

Data Specialist III
Previous:  Data Specialist II, Programmer I

Completed multiple complex projects where I played a role as a Data Architecture, Developer, Migration expert and Implementation Lead. A complete life cycle implementations as a Lead of application and data migration for projects like Fiserv Weiland (2019) and LTI Aspire (2020), last include an overly complex Architecture of SSRS, Report development on SSDT.NET, integrating Power BI infrastructure, with this, improving Business units’ daily processes and productivity. Migration Lead of Business Intelligence reporting tool for the Bank.


Migrating into IBM Cognos Analytics from Oracle Hyperion. All this had been an entire array of tasks as Project Management, Infrastructure Architecture implementation, application Administration, Database Administrator, Data Warehouse Administrator, as well as Data Model and Dashboards Report developer and Agile business process designs, completed this project successfully having big step on the data modernization journey.


Having so many applications, I had been Implement and/or Administrating tools like IBM Cognos Analytics, Microsoft SSRS, SSIS, SSDT.NET, Azure, Fabric, Power BI, Informatica. With complementary Migration technical documentation, Implementation and Data Governance procedures, structuring in detail the status of migrations every step of the way in an innovative way to higher management, engineers, and end users.

Traveling / Remote    |   Jul 2010   -  Apr 2017

Senior Data Migration Analyst
Previous:  Data Migration Analyst

Coordinate and take part in Data Migrations efforts for ERP systems, SAP and EBS R12 for corporations around the world, clients include Johnson and Johnson, Sysco Foods, Abbott Laboratories and Bio-Rad. This was 7 years of distinct projects and industries of which I was part of three full life cycles with a successful boring Go Lives accordingly.

I used technology like MSSQL, Adept SQL, Oracle, SAP diverse modules and loading mechanism, HANA Modeler, Informatica, EBS R12 and DSP.


And with this, I applied a high degree of analysis, analytics, and project management skills to complete the assignments in each project. In short, assignments vary from develop ETL pipelines to perform loads of data in any software used at the time, database architecture, data profiling and business analysis with client’s legacy database, in addition of metrics, project management, and supervised a team of ten analysts.

Feb 2009   -  Mar 2010     |     Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Web Developer and E-Commerce Admin.

Oversaw the database architecture (products, sales, and inventory) that connected to website, but also connected through an API to the sales and inventory program. Redesigning website followed next and developed a software that stand high demand of orders and optimized inventory data organization.


Launched Ecommerce website, using Adobe Creative Suite for website and for product photo library and integrated the new database in MSSQL. After five months of working on this project, the company had a new website and software to coordinate website sales and better inventory control. All these changes brought in a Sales increase of 45%.

Tijuana, BC, Mexico    |  Oct 2008   -  Nov 2009

Database Engineer

For this position I created, improved and troubleshoot Web and Desktop applications. These applications were customized for the production area and modified the applications in the event of malfunctioning.   Using software like MSSQL , Visual Basic, .NET and Crystal reports. 
Managed Projects monitoring according to the development process, resources, production needs, always reaching the deadline and staying on budget.   Improvements in some production lines were made over time cycle up to 26% optimization.

Jul 2007   -  Oct 2008     |     Tijuana, Mexico

Software Engineer

Improved and troubleshoot Desktop applications. These applications were customized for the production area, for clients like Telmex and Verizon as the biggest call center of Latin America. Using software like MSSQL, Visual Basic, .NET and Crystal reports and having a small team of four analysts.
Worked on several projects developing process, architecting databases and developing software, according to the production needs, always reaching the deadline and staying on budget.   One of my projects was to develop a software for Telmex call center, within a team of two people, we designed, architected, developed, migrated data, implemented software, tested and trained the end users, till this day, they still used the same software and productivity increased by 35% percent as well as made their processes more effective reaching more goals to their end customer satisfaction.

Matamoros, Tamp. , Mexico    |  Jan 2004   -  Mar 2007

Factory Information System (FIS) Engineer
Core Team Engineer

As a FIS Engineer where I was in charge to schedule and coordinate a small team to provide maintenance and optimization in software functionality, databases connectivity, OS updates, network setups and full tech support of the production area computers. Monitor Routine audits on these computers. One of my primary achievements in this position was to develop a remote backup system with software named Acronis, which created a simultaneous backup for all production area computers overnight. Management was pleased with this optimization as was a big step in the modernization of data backup capabilities.



I appreciate your interest. Please message me to the email below and will return to you as soon as possible.

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