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Who is Melissa?

I'm a very laid back person who enjoys of the simple aspects of life, living in the present while enjoying the little things. Coming from a small town,  I focused on my studies from an early age, effort and dedication had brought me all the way to this country as an immigrant of Mexico to live the American dream

And for years I had been traveling the world, meeting new cultures and languages.


Happily engaging life and doing what I love in every aspect of life.   

What Do I Love?


I enjoy long rides on the beach, given that Cycling is a big part of my life as well as exercising on a regular bases,  Unfortunately is only seasonal in South Bend, Indiana for now.


I particularly enjoy doing Yoga and Meditation as part of my daily routine as that allow me to be more center and be more productive and focus on my daily tasks.

Cooking is a big part of my life as I love doing it and also is a big part of my Culture and my husband's as well as he is Italian, Traditional Mexican and Italian are usually the norm in my house.

I have diverse hobbies like photography, sewing, painting, crafting, as well as what I mention above are my ways to express myself,  another thing I enjoy is traveling as I love to experience and learn about other cultures and see new places around the world.

My family is small but meaningful,  I'm married and we have two cats.  There is also my mother in law that is like a mother to me.

Long gourmet dinners with dear friends are organized often.  As well of quick trips to Chicago to either night clubs or concerts with friends that is also our choice to have fun.

In short,  this is the best I can describe my life, I hope you enjoy this quick Tour of my personality.  I would like to Thank you for taking the time and interest to read about me.

~Melissa Roldán Q.

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